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15-Jul-02, 07:02 PM (PST)
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"Your hottest BDSM experience?"
Let's christen this group with something worth reading...
Your hottest BDSM experience.

Here's mine. It's a few years old, but still fresh in my mind:


"This is Joe."

"Good, you?re on time. Listen carefully. In a second, I?ll let you in and you will come to the door of Apartment 12. Stand there and do not knock."

Oh boy. I had heard about Petra Saint online, and the writer absolutely raved over the experience, detailing one of the most mind-rending experiences I had ever read in that newsgroup. I bought a copy of The Spectator to find her, and I did. Her ad, titled MindFuck, was very classy and reserved.

Unlike the whores who play at BDSM to spice up their sessions, this one was for real, and I was scared. I heart began to race when the buzzer opened the door and I ran up the stairs to her apartment. I found it easily and stood at her door, like an eager teenager on a first date. My heart was thumping. I tried to relax and began to breathe. I am not heavy into the BDSM scene. I?m basically a collector of interesting experiences and had seen a couple of dominatrices before. Nothing heavy. It was fun, kinky, different... but always well within my limits. I had just needed a little release from the emotional tension of the rest of my life, which is a pressure cooker. I knew I was a dilettante, and my lifestyle of flittering from one sexual diversion to another worked for me. My life was balanced in an odd way.

The minute she spoke to me on the phone, she felt different. Dangerous. What got me was her laugh. She had the most sensuous and lilting laugh. When I called her to set up the session, we discussed the normal things, like limits and personal history, and then we chatted about the difference between this and our straight lifes. We were talking like old friends, and then she laughed, and I heard wisdom and beauty and freedom in her laugh... and I knew at that moment that I would be hers.

I didn?t know how much time had passed while standing at her door. Several minutes? Then the door opened and I couldn?t see her. I felt drawn into her space. As I entered and she closed the door, I saw her for the first time. She literally took my breath away. She was blonde, exquisite face, athletic body and incredible, incredible, incredible. She was perfect in everyway I could imagine. She was dressed in latex and leather, long leather gloves and boots, and the V of shiny latex cut into her crotch. I could see a wisp of blonde pubic hair. She was a vision and I kid you not.

"Joe, listen carefully. I will teach you three positions. This is the first position. Legs apart, standing, arms behind you, head up and eyes down. Do you know why I want you in this position?"

I assumed the position. "Because it pleases you?"

"That?s flippant. Here?s a hint for pleasing me? I admire slaves with intelligence. So think and tell me, why is this position meaningful?"

"Because it gives you complete access to this body."

I was kissing up. I used the term ?this body?, instead of ?my body? to signify that I belonged to her in a way. And the position did give her complete access to my body. With my head up and eyes down, she could enjoy my face and I knew I needed permission to look into her eyes. With my legs apart, she could... Groan. Painpleasure coursed through my midsection. She had softly but firmly kneed me in the groin. Definitely more pain than pleasure.

"Yes, I have complete access to this body, my plaything." She grabbed me by my hair. "You will see that this is not about fun. Your pleasure is not my concern. I do this simply because it pleases me. Your body will belong to me during this session. This is for real. This is not like you?ve done it before. You will NOT enjoy this. Do you understand? Do you agree? Do you accept my terms?" She started dragging me slowly toward her lovely perfumed breasts. I was genuinely afraid and my heart was racing. But I couldn?t say no. "Yes. Yes, I accept."

"Then on your knees. This is the second position." She somehow materialized a long dildo gag out of nowhere, and forced it into my mouth, which was so long it went down into my throat. She fastened it. It was not comfortable. Then she lectured me on use of safe words, which was kind of odd since I couldn?t speak. I guess that was the intent.

"And just because you use a safeword, it doesn?t mean I have to relent. It is simply information for me to use. I alone decide when your punishment, or your pleasure, will end."

"Down on all fours. Legs apart. This is the third position." There was a leash attached to the gag, with a small ring on the end of it. She attached it to the heel of her left boot. "Follow me, my little puppy."

I did the best I could, running behind her on all fours. She scowled... "Don?t make me have to drag you!" And I did the best I could, to anticipate her steps. She led me into her dungeon. This was the nicest dungeon I had ever seen. Excellent finish carpentry at every nuance. Imaginative restraints and devices everywhere. She made me get up and stand and fastened my arms into cuffs hanging from the ceiling. I was still fully clothed, and she opened my shirt and enjoyed my skin. Then she grabbed and twisted my nipples, gently at first and then gradually harder, testing my limits. I didn?t need my safe word when she found my limit and released. I was breathing very hard and beginning to sweat.

She brought out a leather beating stick with a very heavy, leather covered metal spoon on the end. She began to tap against my groin. The sensation was delicious. "I can give you pleasure or pain. It?s my choice." I was completely trapped and knew what was coming, and she savored this anxiety. She drank in my fear. She then hammered one sharp blow to my balls, transforming my emotional tension into a very real physical pain that washed through me. I doubled over, gasping, near my limit again.

Breathe, I commanded myself. The pain subsided. "I think it?s time you worshipped me." She unfastened me, replaced the dildo gag with a collar, and then dragged me over to her throne. She shackled me to the foot of her throne, hobbled over. She then put a spreader bar between my knees. I was completely restrained and my adrenaline was on overdrive. She walked away. I heard a rubber glove snap. She came back and I felt a small tip of something prod against my tight anus. She slapped my ass, "Relax! You have such a tight little asshole. I can?t wait to explore its limit." I relaxed as best I could and I felt her inserting the nozzle of a large syringe. I felt a cool gel enter my bowels. Too cool. I began to hyperventilate in fear again, not knowing if this was something chemical like IcyHot or just lubricant. She withdrew it and... thank god... it was only lubricant.

She slowly inserted a small buttplug, one I could handle, and then began to fuck me with it, as she grabbed me by my hair. Then she strapped it in with a latex strip, and began to tie up my cock and balls. When she was done, my genitals had disappeared, except for the head of my penis, which was now engorged, and straining with pressure. By now, she had put me into a trance, and I was swept away. In fact, I noticed that trancelike music was playing gently.

She came in front of me, and sat down on her throne. Me kneeling before my queen, humliated with a foreign object in my backside. Naked. She opened her legs and I saw the tight latex contoured against her mound. I could see her quim clearly. Just the sight of it filled my heart with a very real ache of longing. Just to touch it would have been too much to pray for. She made me kiss her boots. She was a terrible, cruel, loving, impossibly beautiful goddess. She yanked on my leash and centered me in front of her. She said, "Gaze upon my center. Worship it. And know that you will never be able to know this part of me as a normal man."

I know she was trying to humiliate me, but I already felt honored that she let me look at it directly. I was deepening in the trance and overwhelmed by devotion. She began to slowly whip my back as I gazed on HER majestic, perfect, flawless pussy, for a very long time. I was hungry to look at her. She finally relented, and pointed to a point on her thigh, "You may worship and kiss me here." I was overwhelmed with gratitude as I lavished gentle, hot, sweet kisses and nips on her cool, smooth, ivory skin. I didn?t even notice she had increased the power of her whipping. One last sharp snap of the switch, and then, "That?s enough for now."

Then she brought me over to a low custom-built reclining stock, with a special head cradle. She directed me to lie down on it, and proceeded to bind me tightly with latex strips and shackled with heavy belts. By the time she was done, I was completely immobilized from the waist up. My head was completely and tightly bound with latex, save my eyes and nose. I couldn?t talk, but I could still see and breathe. My legs were free however, and gently resting against the wall, in a loose comfortable position. I felt it was odd she had forgotten to restrain my legs to the shackles there. As she stood over my head, she began to whip the insides of my thighs with a cat-o-nine tails. It was gentle at first and began to increase in sensation. She instructed me to rest my feet against the wall but not to push or move my legs. The whipping increased. The pain. Her ass was in perfect view. The trance. The pain. Her ass. The pain. Her ass. The PAIN! She had suddenly and without warning, whipped my crotch and I doubled over sideways, lifting my feet off the wall. Pain flowed though me. "I told you NOT to move your legs!"

To punish me, she then pinched off my nose, and I was in terror. She let me breath again soon enough to avoid my limit or need to use my safeword, and began to whip again. This time when she whipped my groin, I withstood the wave of pain, I took it for her, and kept my feet planted. Loosely. "Better... you are pleasing me." You see, she wanted me to provide my own bondage. She did approve, apparently, because she then let her fingers play over the head of my penis. I had no idea what she was doing, but I was in heaven. Then she got up on the stock, grabbed a bar above her, and lowered her bottom over my face. Her soft buttocks carressed my face, and then her crotch was over my nose. "Inhale." I inhaled deeply. "Hold it." I held my breath. She moved off. "Exhale." I exhaled. Over and over, I inhaled the perfume of her sweet, moist nectar. It was like being in another world, where people see through scents and make love by breathing together.

Okay, that?s all I can talk about. The rest I have sworn to secrecy. I cannot reveal what happened after this point, but it was terrifying, fulfilling, explosive, overwhelming. Everything I?ve explained up to now was maybe a 7 or 8 in terms of intensity. During the remainder of the session, she turned it up to about 12. The session ended with a complete and overwhelming mindfuck. In retrospect, she was able to almost psychicly detect my limits, pressing them up to the limit point, and then stayed there for as long as she wanted. She played my adrenaline system like a concert violinist. The adrenaline was coursing through my system like I was a sexual racehorse, in the sprint of my life.

After I left this introductory session, honestly, I was unable to speak for two hours. I?ve played and replayed the scene in my mind, over and over, for a week now, and each replaying gives her more power over me. It was the most real psycho-theater I had ever experienced, and I am genuinely terrified, in love, in need, addicted to her. I am afraid to call her back, but can?t imagine that I?d never see her again. I know I?ll call her soon. I?ve seen other professional dominas before, but this was literally in another plane, and she hadn?t even worked up a sweat.

Okay, does this give you any idea why SM is fun? SM is like putting Tabasco sauce on sex. It hurts the tongue so good. And your tongue gets used to it, and you need hotter and hotter sauce to amp up and keep the high fresh. It is a cocktail of lust and adrenaline. It is combining a mindfuck with a sexual release, and if you have a penchant for it, it is as addictive and life-destroying as cocaine.

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Your hottest BDSM experience? [View All], justjoe, 07:02 PM, 15-Jul-02, (0)  
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16-Jul-02, 01:26 AM (PST)
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1. "Good One! - eom"
In response to message.0

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16-Jul-02, 12:28 PM (PST)
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2. "RE: Your hottest BDSM experience?"
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   What a great story, very erotic! Sounds a little intense though.

This wis why I was asking for this board, people with similar interests.


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16-Jul-02, 02:51 PM (PST)
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3. "RE: Your hottest BDSM experience?"
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   Where is Petra Saint now ?
The session with Petra sounds fantastic, just what I want.
Just the kind of intensity and mindfuck I looking for.

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16-Jul-02, 08:35 PM (PST)
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4. "RE: Your hottest BDSM experience?"
In response to message.3
   Used to be but it's DOA.

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ElephantBalls ElephantBalls rating
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16-Jul-02, 09:52 PM (PST)
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5. "RE: Your hottest BDSM experience?"
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   I read this review years before at MaxFisch and it inspired me to see Petra ... by this time, I have had seen 2-3 dozen ProDomme and was very experienced. You name then, any top 10 list, and I had seen them all.

HOWEVER ... my experience with Petra was -- like Joe's -- at a completely different level. She is the Tiger Woods of BDSM -- so far above everyone else is it not even fair to compare.


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16-Jul-02, 10:54 PM (PST)
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6. "RE: Your hottest BDSM experience?"
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   dam, sure you didn't forget anything?

My hottest experience (I'm dom) was with a lady who looked a bit like Nicole Kitman. . .she said she liked being submissive because she had a "superiority complex". Seeing her interact with other people, she was very bossy & bitchy. But she didn't act like that around me

Handcuffed her. . .made her kneel before me & say that I can do ANYTHING to her (hearing that always gives me a power rush). She sucked & cleaned each of my toes. . .I spat on her face several times. . .spanked her very hard with my hand about 30 times, each time making her say "thank-you sir. Please hit me again harder". . .then I made her stand against the wall facing me as I slapped her face and crotch several times. . .whipped her butt & back hard with a belt. . .bit her tit. . .

Didn't do much verbal abuse because I always feel like the people next door can hear me--although it's doubtful. . .

She wanted to wrestle too, but dam! I already shot my load!

She came back for more. . .paid her around $300 to $400 each time. . .she left me after seeing me hug my cat (real men don't like cats, didn't you know?)

Hey, women always leave--but my cat is loyal to me

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justjoe justjoe rating
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17-Jul-02, 01:02 AM (PST)
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7. "Here's another one..."
In response to message.0
I saw her in Europe, so unless you can afford a trip overseas, please don't bother PM'ing for details...


I just received the best assfucking I've ever had in my life.

Now if that doesn't get your attention, there is absolutely no hope for you. So, whether you like it or not, I'm going to describe in excruciating detail what amazing, naughty, delicious, and tortuous things S. recently did to me. I guess I'm writing this partially as an ode to her, but also, in order to indelibly brand the experience into my consciousness and memory.

It was a chilly London evening when I arrived at her doorstep, a poor fool seeking a few gourmet sensual thrills with a British dominatrix. I had read her academic treatise "How to Strap on a Strap-On: A users guide for women." It was oddly compelling, and I emailed her to inquire about an appointment. Well, it took a couple of months because I'm based in the US, but eventually, I managed to get on her schedule. First of all, She's semi-retired, so She doesn't take too many appointments. Also, She has all regulars She could desire, so it's quite unlikely that you'll be able to book an appointment with her. I know of men who have tried for a year, through email, and failed. She just doesn't need the business.

First of all, She's absolutely beautiful. Truly a goddess. Here, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll attach a few photos for you to see.

Fashion model beautiful, as brilliant as you can imagine, and dripping talent from her fingertips. A superior woman truly worthy of adoration, worship, devotion and dare I say it? Love.

My session was greatly impacted by my own lack of strength. I was terribly jetlagged and in back to back high pressure meetings. I really needed to detach from my intellectual side, and RELAX! Well, my pleading fell on receptive ears, and She carefully adjusted the tension to hit my exact limit. It was a terrific blend of dominance, affectionate emotional support, teasing, limit management, and torture. So forgive me for fast-forwarding through the foreplay and bondage, and jump right to the main event... the ass-fucking of my life.

First of all, to do the job right, you need the right tools. And I'm not talking about the wide variety of dildo?s and lube. I?m talking about a custom-built ass-fucking bench. And She had a doozy, built by a master craftsman in London. Only a few in the world, and I?m sure they'll show up on Antique Road Show in about fifty years: "Yes, my grandmother's neighbor was a dominatrix, and I inherited from her, and I have no idea what it was used for. What? For a proper ass-fucking? My goodness. And what's it worth? My goodness! 5000 pounds!"
Yeah, this was one helluva pleasure machine. It had removable cushions for your head and your knees (for the recipient), special poles and receptacles for your hands and feet to give the administrator of the assfucking proper leverage, and all sorts of restraints and pulleys. It even had a special strapping system for holding the asschecks apart, to make the assfucking all the more delicious.

Well, S. wielded the device very effectively. After I was properly restrained face down and rear exposed, She gagged me and promised that the moaning would exceed my expectations... and it did. Then She played with my buttocks and assessed my almost virgin butt as requiring her smallest dildo. So She strapped it on. A modest five or six incher. She climbed up behind me, and in one smooth motion, coaxed it in. Then She laid on top of me, like a lover, and just let it sit and warm up. She started out with slow movements that were delicious. Followed by an incredible variety of techniques and positions that drove me to the edge of abandon. I was literally screaming in my gag from the pleasure.

She did long slow strokes. Circular motions. She held apart my buttcheeks, and withdrew the phallus and proceeded to make quick biting stabs that reopened my anus over and over. Long deep strokes from above, from a position that directly impacted my prostate. This position was devilish. My rock hard penis, already dripping from pre-cum, started leaking loads of seminal fluid in an absolutely delicious manner. I swear to God, I could have cum in that position. Thirty minutes of ass-fucking, back and forth across the boundary of my endurance. I literally could not bear the pleasure She was causing me, and was actually screaming most of the time. Thank god her dungeon was sound insulated. She was sweet, and let me rest every so often, to catch my breath, and during this time, she played with my poor tortured cock, spreading the pre-cum all over it, bringing me to the edge over and over. Then back to the assfucking. A two hour session, and by the end, I was spent, exhausted, thrilled to have seen the Eighth Wonder of the World.

At the end of the session, she told me that this was only one position. The really fun positions were face down on the ground, legs together, to get the right leverage, and suspended, face up, in her custom made swing. Ah, I'm drooling from anticipation. My new mantra is "I am S.'s little fuck toy." And I mean it. Here is a short poem I?ve written to commemorate the event:

Oh S.

Fate led me to You
Athena's wise daughter
Like a foolish young boy
Like a lamb to its slaughter
Fettered like Isaac
Below Abraham's sweet knife
You fucked my poor asshole
Within an inch of its life

You opened my soul
Through my sweet nether region
You paraded me naked
Before Heaven's great legions
Your phallus so sweet
Your motions amazing
My juices were dripping
My erection was blazing

When I finally came
I was really quite senseless
Trapped in your device
I was utterly defenseless
You captured my senses
My Helen of Troy
Now forever will I be
Your little fucktoy

By the way, S. also owns one of the finest collections of original fetish art, much of it created by either herself or inspired by her and created by "significant" European fetish artists. A truly amazing collection, worthy of a small museum, actually. When you go see her, show up a few minutes early, and she'll let you sit in her waiting room, where you can appreciate some of her works.

Again, an amazing and thrilling experience with a rare and beautiful woman.

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