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BigWilly BigWilly rating
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05-Aug-02, 11:26 PM (PST)
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"Clarification to Belle"
   Belle -

I know the thread is over, but I felt I needed to clarify one thing:

I actually did read your post and enjoyed it very much. I got so caught up in defending myself, that I forgot to mention it. My negative comments weren't directed to you. I found your post intelligent and full of humor, which is more than can be said for ....

For what it's worth, my first name really is Willy. And I'm 6 feet tall. Thus, Big Willy makes for a nice double entendre. I never said that penises were that important, but the other dommes were 100 precent right, only a shallow man would name himself after a body part, just don't tell that to Pussy Galore, Alotta Vagina, Leathal Weapons, Alyssa Alps, Agnes Titi, Barb(ra) Bush, Beverlee Hills, Busty Brianna, Candy Cantaloupes, Cumisha, Heather Hooters, ....

Damn men are so shallow and fixated on their bodies... excuse me while I go play in my shallow kiddy pool.... I'll post again when my breast enlargement is done....

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06-Aug-02, 00:17 AM (PST)
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1. "Pussy, busty, titties, cum, hooters..."
In response to message.0
   Yep, I thought that would make you click.

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