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Subject: "How do I post an ad?" Locked thread - Read only
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"How do I post an ad?"
LAST EDITED ON 19-Nov-13 AT 01:50 AM (PST)
There are two places where you can place a myRedBook ad:
a. Classified Ads = self-service picture profile ads, which can be edited at anytime.
b. Adult Personals = message board postings, generally for current day availability.


1. Register for a username at:

As part of the registration there is a prompt for gender.
If you are female (or are an organization for females, or posting on behalf of a female), set this to female.

You must supply a valid email address to confirm your registration. After you receive your email, you may then proceed.

2. Please read the myRedBook Ad guidelines:

3. Post a classified ad with pictures to
Enter your username and password (Watch UPPER vs lower case!)
click ADS link
click CREATE AD link

Detailed instructions at:

4. You may also post an adult personals ad to the appropriate regional adult personals forum:

5. To maximize your visibility and response rates, check out our paid options (anchored ads, featured ads, autobump ads):

6. For even more visibility, consider posting candid cell phone pictures of yourself in the rbPhotos forum:

7. If you have a related, personal website and are interested in a banner exchange see:


If you experience trouble posting or staying logged in, check

If that doesn't help, check
or post in the Support forum, or send an inbox to: redbook

To change your password, see

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