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Subject: "Classified Ad Guidelines" Locked thread - Read only
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29-Jan-02, 10:25 AM (PST)
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"Classified Ad Guidelines"
LAST EDITED ON 16-Dec-10 AT 11:39 AM (PST)
The Adult Personals forum is for women seeking men in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area. You must be 18 years old or over.

A. If you are a male, try or one of the dating sites at:
If you want to sell products, try If you are a spammer, take a hike.

B. There are multiple forums, please post in the most appropriate one:
1. Bay Area : SF 415, North Bay 415, 707, and multiple bay area regions
2. South Bay : South Bay 408, Peninsula 650, Monterey Bay 831
3. East Bay : 510, 925
4. Sacramento : 916, 530
5. Central Valley : 209, 559
6. Southern California
6. Reno / Lake Tahoe : 775
7. Las Vegas NV : 702
8. United States

C. DO's
* Do post a description of yourself
* Do upload pictures, post your URL, say email me for pictures, or say no pictures available.
* If you do post your URL, extend the courtesy by having a reciprocal link back to
(see for banners)
* Do post the dates and times you are available
* Do post your general location and the areas you are willing to travel to.
* Do post whether you are incall or outcall
* Do post your contact information: phone, email, inbox

*** If you include the text, FBSM, somewhere in your message, it will show up under the FBSM search view link from the Lobby page ***

* Don't post ads about someone else without their expressed permission.
* Don't post anything illegal.
* Don't post explicit xxx-rated photos or drawings.
* Don't bypass filtered or blocked words.
* Don't post a link to an illegal ad.
* Don't post discussions.
* Don't post excessive, annoying characters in your subject line.
* Don't register multiple names to submit multiple ads.
* Don't post hotel or hot tub business names and phone numbers.
* Don't post detail ad text as jpg or gif files.

E. Posts that do not conform to these guidelines are subject to editing or removal. Violators are also subject to deletion of all accounts.

F. Each username can post a maximum of one ad per day. This means that once you post an ad, you must wait until the next day at 12:01AM to post another. For the SFBay area, this limit applies across all SFBay area adult personal forums, not each independently.

You can edit your ad as many times as you want, up to 20 hours after you post.

G. If you post to the wrong forum, you must wait until the next day to repost in the correct forum.

H. If you post ads with multiple usernames, all ads will be deleted and your accounts terminated.

I. If you are a company, agency, cooperative, or sharing the same phone number(s), list all people in a single post. Do not register multiple handles.

J. Do not post ads on someone else's behalf. But if you insist, you must state that you have expressed permission to do so, and why that person is not posting for themselves. Even after that, your post may be deleted on the basis that it is unfair to the ladies who take time out of their own day to post.

Ideally, please teach them how to post for themselves.

K. Repeated violations of these guidelines will result in suspension and/or termination of your posting priviledges.

My Red Book (RB) is not an agency and does not participate in, nor is a party to any Adult Personals or Classifieds transaction. RB does not screen nor control users who may sell or buy on Classfieds, nor does RB review, endorse, or authenticate any listing or services offered for sale.

If you see a post that does not conform to these guidelines, please click the ALERT link at the bottom of the message.

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redbookadmin redbook rating
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21-Jan-04, 07:07 AM (PST)
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2. ""
In response to message.0
LAST EDITED ON 26-Oct-12 AT 03:19 AM (PST)
There is also a more traditional ad site:

1. go to

2. Enter your message board username and password in the text boxes.

3. Click Login

You should see a message, Login OK
Logged on as:
(your handle)
and NO text boxes

If you get a NOT FOUND error, verify that you are using the proper UPPER and lower case, and that you are using your Message Board username and password.

If you do not see the successful login message,
and the system just show the blank text boxes, wanting you to log in again; your browser is blocking cookies for

see for help with cookies.

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