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Subject: "Brooke Holloway is back! NEW PIX !" Archived thread - Read only
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29-Aug-08, 12:41 PM (PST)
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"Brooke Holloway is back! NEW PIX !"
   Hi fellas!
I'm still pretty new to the biz, but have had a great time with all the fine gents I've
met so far. Please check my classified ad for my regular schedule and my pix.

Please note, my new availability and hourly minimum after 4PM.

Mon/Wed/Fri - after 1PM only
Tues/Thurs - after 2PM only
Sat - usually OFF (check for specific availability)
Sun - OFF

My Eros ad:

My RB classified ad:

Currently still available (as of today):
9/2 - afternoon
9/3 - afternoon & evening
9/8 - afternoon
9/9 to 9/11 - afternoon & evening
9/12 - afternoon
9/15 - afternoon & evening
9/22 - afternoon & evening
9/23 - evening
9/24 to 9/25 - afternoon & evening
9/26 - afternoon
9/29 forward is pretty open

My reviews* (on RB):

Hope to see ya soon!

Brooke Holloway

*Although I am aware of the existence of my reviews, I have no personal or second hand knowledge as to the claims or contents contained within them. Any/all reviews are/should be considered fictitious and for entertainment purposes ONLY by virtue of their presence on this or any other similar website. By contacting me, you assert your understanding of, and willfully acknowledge this statement as factual.

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