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Subject: "Enemas/Prostate for Adorable Chubbie & Obese Gentle" Archived thread - Read only
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23-Oct-07, 11:17 AM (PST)
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"Enemas/Prostate for Adorable Chubbie & Obese Gentle"
   (Off Hwy 50 & 99 PowerInn/Howe)

If you are an "Adorable"..call me to schedule a Professional Enema Cleansing appointment. I am April, The Lovely Black Enema/Prostate Nurse, Colon Hydro-Therapist. Many "Adorables" are using my service. Thank you "Adorables". I love you guys!
Greetings to all "Adorable" Chubby, Fat and Obese Gentlemen. DON'T BE SHY...call Me. You are always welcome. I enjoy helping you take care of yourself. Bottoms-up, "Adorables". - 7/days, 9:a.m.-Midnite.

Just think about it, you wash your face, you brush your teeth and comb your hair, so why do you not wash your Colon? You must begin including "Professional Healthy Enema Cleansing your Colon. As you know, it is "tushie-time".

"Adorables", when is the last time you received Professional Colon-Cleansing, or have you ever received one? I love it when you arrive to receive a Cleansing Treatment. It proves that you are concerned about yourself and that you have woke up to your "wake-up call". - Call Me. ...And NO, Enemas do not hurt! .

Come on in "Adorables", you have months and years of "stuck feces" impacted around your Colon. I will wash, cleanse and flush-OUT your Colon. You know that you are "impacted", your Colon is living in unhealthy filthy conditions. I know that you guys read all of my Enema Colon-Cleansing ads. Put your "tush" in my hands, I will treat it with gentle care, 7/days, 9:a.m.-Midnite - private. Thank you.

*** "Lose poundage" *feel Wonderful with a great *great new attitude. Maintain your well-being.

********** DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON - YOURS! **********

* Administering Prostate Massage Relaxation with a soft touch.

* I am a Trained and Skilled Colon Hydro-Therapist with 2 1/2 Wonderful years in Colon Therapy...and yes, I love it! I provide Professional A-1 soothing warm water High Colonic Enemas. I service many "Adorables" - "1st-Timers" and the very Experience Clients which are the "Enema-Enthusiast". I enjoy my work very much. Bottoms-up "Adorables".

I provide Equipment.

Description: I am Mature, Upscale, Patient, Style-Grace, respectful to all and I have a great adorable personality. Personal Description: I am very pretty with long hair , attire: wearing my beautiful Nurse uniform or .

* Welcome: Adorable Chubbies, Fatties & Obese Gentlemen. I am looking forward to seeing up. Bottoms-up!

916 388 0466 APRIL
Colon Hydro-Therapist

NO, e-mails

" A Unique Massage "




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