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Subject: "TOFTT with Morgandowns and won" Archived thread - Read only
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HotelCalif2001 HotelCalif2001 rating
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15-Nov-11, 08:47 AM (PST)
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"TOFTT with Morgandowns and won"
   I met Morgan in chat, and while I am not a TOFTT guy usually, something about Morgan inspired me to go for it.(I am sure you can see by the pictures what that something is!). After a LOT of screening on my part, we arranged a place and time to meet, and it was well worth the trip.

Since I enjoy this site, and since Red's business model calls for VIP members to get early access to reviews, a detailed review of Morgan will be posted and available to VIP members, and then everyone else in due time. (I am sure I will get flamed for this).

What I will say here is that Morgan's pictures are definitely her....that she has stunningly beautiful eyes and one of the prettiest faces on RB, and that her attitude is fun, fresh, and extremely sexy.

I wish I could have stayed longer, and I will DEFINITELY repeat.

My recommendation to guys interested in seeing her would be to get your references lined up, be respectful, clean, and treat her will be rewarded.

Morgan has been criticized for her rate being high as she is new. My only response is that she was worth every penny, and in fact I tipped her.

Morgan.....I look forward to seeing you again.

blue eyes
By : morgandowns on Nov. 15 2011, 12:06 am
City : Sacramento
Availability : by appointment
Name : morgandowns
RB inbox : morgandowns
email :
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Age : 25-29
Eye Color : Blue
Hair Color : Blonde
Build : Slim/Slender
Height : 5ft5 - 5ft7
Bust : 34
Cup : D
Kitty : Bald
Rate $/hr : 400
Incall : Sacramento
Outcall : Sacramento;
Screening : Yes
Men often say they adore both my body and my looks. I tend to leave quite an impression just being myself. I am 5'5" feet tall,and have blonde hair that flows past my shoulders, stunning blue eyes and full lips. I have an exotic look..
When it comes to men, I like my man well seasoned, cultured, humble and sweet.
Lastly my well being is my utmost concern. Before our date or upon your contact email~
please include the following to ensure my personal safety and comfort:
- Your Name
- Two Previous Provider References
Or Company work info
- DATE/TIME/LENGTH of your desire appt.
The more information you can provide for me, the faster and easier we will be able to get together
Thanks a bunch,

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Ponyplayer1moderator Ponyplayer1 rating
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15-Nov-11, 08:49 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: TOFTT with Morgandowns and won"
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