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Subject: "Mini on Jacklynn B Hayes" Archived thread - Read only
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KidinaCandyStore click here to view user rating
Member since 6-Dec-07
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14-Sep-08, 05:13 AM (PST)
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"Mini on Jacklynn B Hayes"
   I called Jacklynn at 8:00 pm on Friday night to help out with a bachelor party that was being given for a friend of mine...This girl just flat ROCKS and all the boys had a blast! It was extremely late notice and she bailed my ass out (this mini is to showcase her, but a little background will help--originally, I was supposed to set up a TS dancer and believe me, that is a different breed of cat--I had three confirmed appointments and they ALL flaked; I knew that at least one of the would show up, or so I thought... What was really irritating was the fact that Melissa Jane and SinAmen-flake review to follow-had agreed to do the straight part of the entertainment and totally flaked on me also--no goddamn phone call, nuthin'--left me to scramble with 20 swinging dicks realizing they have been reduced to watching porn on TV--that is.....until Jacklynn showed up!!!!)

She got ready in short notice and showed up looking very hot and sexy. Put the music on the CD player and the tip $$$ started flyin'! That girl has some very cool moves, likes to work the room, especially for the guys that tend to hang out in the back and don't want to be up where the action takes place. She is very interactive and has everyone on their feet! She has great muscle control (how in the hell did she move her $#@*^ like that?) and a smoking hot body. She is such a shy little thing! If you are ever looking for someone to be the entertainment for a party, Jacklynn is your girl!

By : Jacklynn on Sep. 11 2008, 7:13 am
City : Sacramento (and surrounding cities)
Availability : Call To Schedule A Party
Name : Jacklynn B. Hayes
Phone : 916-346-0987
RB inbox : Jacklynn
email :
Ethnicity : Mixed
Age : 21-24
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Auburn/Red
Build : Slim/Slender
Height : 5ft2 - 5ft4
Bust : 36
Cup : C
Kitty : Partially Shaved
The Caramel Bombshell offers: Birthday parties, bachelor parties, naughty lady entertainment, divorce celebrations. If you need entertainment, look no further. Just keep reading . . . .
Are you:
* looking for an exxxperience that's better than
a trip to your local Gentlemen's Club?

* ready to see some naughty action take place in
the privacy of your own home?
* the man that's in charge of putting the most
unforgettable party together for his last days
as a "free man?"
My name is Jacklynn and I love to entertain both small and large groups of people and I put on a show that your party goers will never forget!
Give me a call and book a party! You and your guest of honor will enjoy being my personal "stripper pole" and it will truly be my pleasure.
1 hour - 5 to 15 persons - $200 + tips
15+ people - $250 + tips
If there is a request for a second hour, it is negotiable upon conclusion of the first hour. A discount may be up for negotiation based on the first hour's festivities.
I do travel to surrounding areas for parties, an additional $100 is required. I am willing to stay an additional 15-30min to offset my travel requirement.
Please call (916) 346-0987 or email me for further details or any additional questions you may have for me.
Jacklynn B. Hayes
a.k.a. THE Caramel Bombshell
~ Ask 4 Ms. J if your Nasty ~

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pb click here to view user rating
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14-Sep-08, 06:36 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: Mini on Jacklynn B Hayes"
In response to message #0
   She is great I saw her in Chico a while ago

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Member since 8-Jan-07
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20-Sep-08, 10:47 AM (PST)
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2. "RE: Mini on Jacklynn B Hayes"
In response to message #0
   Yeah, I've bee looking at her ad and maybe I'll give her a call. Thanks for the info Kid.

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Member since 29-Dec-07
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20-Sep-08, 08:50 PM (PST)
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3. "RE: Mini on Jacklynn B Hayes"
In response to message #0
   Great info Kid...I've had my eye on JBH ads and this is some very positive news. What a relief, eh, for some good service? In my business, when I get good service and/or when someone comes thru in a pinch, I appreciate it so much...Thanks for this post.

onward thru the fog...


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