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Subject: "Rachel Ray look-alike???" Archived thread - Read only
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19-Jan-10, 07:04 PM (PST)
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"Rachel Ray look-alike???"
LAST EDITED ON 19-Jan-10 AT 07:25 PM (PST)
So I'm channel surfing and stop on Food Network for a minute and think Rachel Ray looks familiar. *the moment* So, off to rb for a little research (and confirmation IMO)

Is it just me or does Rachel Ray look a lot like rb-Amill (aka Little Kitty)

Ms Ray
Ms Amill


Certainly Amill is younger and her figure is a bit nicer, but she certainly reminds me of a young Rachel Ray (especially the FHM pics)

I wonder if one can book a session and ask Amill to wear an apron?? [As a side note, methinks I need to stop posting on here for awhile.]

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20-Jan-10, 06:58 PM (PST)
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1. "RE: Rachel Ray look-alike???"
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   Wonder if I get food cooked after I shoot a load!

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