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Subject: "Long nails = unhealthy nails" Archived thread - Read only
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Jacket1 Jacket1 rating
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15-Mar-12, 09:35 PM (PST)
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"Long nails = unhealthy nails"

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summerrayne summerrayne rating
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18-Mar-12, 03:09 PM (PST)
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1. "RE: Long nails = unhealthy nails"
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LAST EDITED ON 18-Mar-12 AT 03:17 PM (PST)
The first thing they tell you in CMT school is,

"No nails! Cut them all the way down!"

That's also the way you can tell the difference between real FBSM/CMT providers (who advertise here in the FBSM category) and escorts just looking for another category to advertise in (who may or may not know how to give a really good FBSM/CMT massage)...

Our hands are our "tools"; you simply cannot do deep tissue work and/or sports massage with any length of nails - period.

I advertise in both FBSM and Escort categories because I defintely know how to do a few things that escorts traditionally do - very well. I have 20 years of training - so I figure I'm well-qualified to do so.

Think about providers putting condoms on men, taking them off and disposing of said condoms - day in and day out.

Just think about it for a moment or two...

Because if you love the ladies with lovely, long talons - you better hope she scrubs her hands and nails all day like she's prepping for surgery!

It's always Summer at My Place!

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