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Subject: "Bareback Temptations (Bringing The Truth To Light)" Archived thread - Read only
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JohnnyCash408 JohnnyCash408 rating
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01-Apr-12, 02:48 AM (PST)
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"Bareback Temptations (Bringing The Truth To Light)"
LAST EDITED ON 01-Apr-12 AT 02:59 AM (PST)
Original Thread:

I started the previous thread to get inputs on how to deal with an RA who teases you with the idea of going bareback. I was mainly looking for cues on what to say, how to respond/react, and ways to deal with the temptations from a mental standpoint. Based on some of the responses I've been getting is that any exchange of bodily fluids will make you equally susceptible to STD's as bareback practices.

>The transmission of these diseases has to do with direct
>contact (herpes and warts) or exchange of fluids. Rubbing
>your bare cock around her wet pussy is as risky for you as
>bareback fucking
>Bros who think p2p is safe and bb is as dangerous as russian
>roulette, are mistaken.
>If your doing p2p you might as well take the plunge and
>really enjoy the full experience. But if you are concerned
>about disease and do p2p you should stop and go get tested.
>It all has to do with your personal tolerance for risk. But
>if you make these risk decisions based on ignorance then
>you'll make bad decisions.
>Is your own choice to go Bare, unless you wanna be like a
>lot of the hypocrites or blessed ignorants in this board,
>that cry foul at the only mention of Bareback fucking
>because of their ignorant assupmtions that you only catch a
>disease having sex this way, they better do their homework,
>just a lil cue: any exchange of bodily fluids can make you
>the lucky bastard, this includes French Kissing. Also if you
>or your partner have an open sore, creates an easy way for
>the disease to infect a new person.

So my question is, what are the risk factors of DFK, BBBJ, DATY, P2P and how would you rank them in order from the least to the most riskiest practices? Are these interactions as dangerous as BBFS?? Now, I'm not trying to start some kind of mass STD hysteria here but it does seem to me that either we have been mis-informed of what we should take lightly vs. what should be considered a high risk for transmitted disease OR some of these notions are just fallacies used to scare hobbyist into putting on their best behavior and restricting their GFE experience.

Now if only someone can tell me which belief is real and which one should be discarded.

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corvetteron corvetteron rating
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02-Apr-12, 10:33 AM (PST)
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2. "RE: Bareback Temptations (Bringing The Truth To Light)"
In response to message #0
   The best thing to do is make a chart and before each sexual act, calculate the chances of getting and STD and from there proceed or move on to the next move.

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Mrdiscrete Mrdiscrete rating
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02-Apr-12, 11:23 PM (PST)
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3. "RE: Bareback Temptations (Bringing The Truth To Light)"
In response to message #0
LAST EDITED ON 02-Apr-12 AT 11:26 PM (PST)
So my question is, what are the risk factors of DFK, BBBJ, DATY, P2P and how would you rank them in order from the least to the most riskiest practices?

I could go back and refresh myself on some of the information charts but I think I'll (wing it)first. Keep in mind that I look at this from a Man's point of view... things are a bit different from a woman's point of view. Women's risk factors for contracting STD's are a bit different than a mans are.

Here's my take on it. Before I even get started I want to say that "I break down the categories into... possible to catch HIV or not proven\possible to catch HIV. With the exception of Herpes, and (I think Hepatitis) everything else is curable.

Since Herpes is as common as a cold sore and over 70% of people already have it.... I consider contracting Herpes least risky and not much of a concern.

Open sores are the next most risky thing to be concerned with. Open sores are a red flag to me mostly because of the higher risk of contracting HIV

With no open sores.. DFK carries the same risks of DATY being that there are NO documented cases of contracting HIV and everything else being curable... This puts DFK and DATY on the same playing field. LOW RISK

BBBJ.. is IMO where things really begin to get risky and where the variables get even more complicated... Any open sores combined with BBBJ are a recipe for contracting HIV. It PAINS my heart but I have chosen to bite the bullet on this one and NOT do the BBBJ thing as a standard... yes there are exceptions but hey... a guy has to start somewhere.

Since having Bareback sex (either vaginal or anal) IS Possible to contract HIV... I consider that activity a TABOO. (My risk/tolerance doesn't go that far)

Okay someone tell me where I got things wrong. (Be brutal I don't think I scored 100% and I'm curious how well/terrible I did without 1st checking the risk charts.

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