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Subject: "Dieting and Breastfeeding" Archived thread - Read only
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africanmilk africanmilk rating
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09-Apr-12, 11:35 AM (PST)
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"Dieting and Breastfeeding"
Ok, so i am breastfeeding by pumping breast milk and storing for later while I'm away, or putting it straight into the bottle when i'm with my child. I have tried so HARD to loose weight, and was succeeding at one point by eating healthier smaller meals, but as i saw my waist get smaller, so did my milk supply :(. Also, when i loose wight i get so ravenous i over eat. It's like when i look at my slimmer frame in the mirror, my brain freaks out and i am ready to eat everything in sight. ALSO if i diet during the day, i eat my way though the night when i wake up to pump and feed my little one. If i had to choose between slimmer self or breastfeeding, i would pick breastfeeding. At least until Little one is able to eat more table food. Is there any advice from you moms regarding weight management or loss while breastfeeding? Or should i just try NOT to gain any weight and worry about loosing it after I'm done breastfeeding? Thank you so much for any advice you ladies may have

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alexis0830 alexis0830 rating
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10-Apr-12, 06:02 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: Dieting and Breastfeeding"
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Depends on how old your baby is. I didnt even try to diet while i was breastfeeding until my son was 8 months old. He was eating more solid foods and didnt need as much milk. So thats when i started to diet some. Enough that i noticed a difference, but not too much for fear of drying out. Then at 11 months, i put him on formula and got to work. Lol
Its more of a personal choice. If your milk dries up when losing the weight, try eating more protein and eating healthy but dont diet. Just by eating blAnd foods, you can lose weight, while eating enough to maintain your milk. Plus exercise. If your burning more calories working out then ur taking in during day then yes, your going to dry up. So you have to keep eating up while doing everything else to lose weight and get back into shape. Its only a year. Sometimes a little less. Then were done sacraficing our bodies and can have it back. Lol I am with you on breastfeeding. If I had to choose, I would choose to keep feeding n live with a thicker you for a few more months.

Alexis Moore
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