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08-Jul-04, 10:11 PM (PST)
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"Welcome to the FriscoJack Street Action Forum"
   LAST EDITED ON 22-Feb-11 AT 01:21 PM (PST) by (moderator)
SW Posting and Review FAQ


First, a little history. Originally, no one was supposed to post ads here in Street Action. However, when SWs posted ads in the Adult Personals forums, there were problems. Guys used to escorts were often unhappy, and sometimes rude, when the SWs posting in Personals showed up. Issues included obvious drug use, attire, pricing policy (by the act instead of by the hour), sometimes hygiene, things like that.

Becuase of the problems, the owners and I worked out a policy so that genuine SWs could post ads, to a limited extent, here in SA.

Who is a genuine SW? There are a number of factors, including the following:

1. Is she advertising elsewhere as an escort? If she is, then she can't post here because, as far as we are concerned, if she advertises as an escort, she is an escort.

2. Is she a streetwalker? Does she walk the streets? (We realize that many escorts sometimes walk the streets. But they are escorts and can't post here, if, for example, they have escort ads up.)

3. Is her pricing within SW parameters?

There are other factors, but these are the main ones.

Posting on Craigslist doesn't necessarily mean a girl is an escort. A wide variety of women post there. Posting, for example, on cityvibe, lovings, or Eros is generally a disqualifier.

Sometimes a girl will be transitioning from being a SW to being an escort. We are sympathetic to girls trying to move up, and can allow some limited transitional time.

There are also some limitations on number of posts for girls who can post here. 2 new threads a week is the absolute maximum--and one is preferred. Updates can be posted to existing threads, as replys.

One last point. Posting SW ads here is a privilege, not a right. It can be withdrawn at any time etc. etc.

Guys are welcome to mention here other bargains they come across, even if they aren't strictly speaking SWs. However, active and continual promotion of non-SWs isn't appropriate, of course. This hasn't been a problem recently, but was a while back.


Please note that this is the place to post SW reviews. Not the regular review section. The reason is that SWs, even when they have a phone, are generally not real stable, with numbers changing frequently, etc. Therefore, reviews of them in the review section will quickly become out of date, and the owners don't want that.

When posting a review here, it is necessary to have the girl's permission to post a phone number or picture. In addition, both you (the poster) and I need to feel that the girl understands the implications (legal and otherwise) of her phone number being posted. What that means, in effect, is that unless you've been around awhile and I know you, please inbox me before posting a girl's number so we can discuss it.

It is perfectly fine, and in many cases preferable, to post a review here, but supply the phone number to guys via inbox. That way you can decide your own criteria for passing the number out.

I am happy to discuss these issues either here or via inbox. Moderator Note: FriscoJack passed away during February 2011. His Legacy of informative and on-topic posts was instrumental in shaping RB into the useful online resource that it is today. RIP, FJ -- you are missed. See you on the other side.




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09-Jul-04, 08:08 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: SW Posting and Review FAQ"
In response to message.0
   I never knew so much thought was put into this topic. Good job FJ

Just call me AIB

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14-Jul-04, 07:11 PM (PST)
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3. "RE: SW Posting and Review FAQ"
In response to message.1
Yeah, me too...

I could,... But I won't.

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09-Jul-04, 07:19 PM (PST)
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2. "RE: Money talks"
In response to message.0
   Doesn't bother me a bit if somebody advertises for themselves or their girls here. As long as it is SW pricing (meaning less than $100) it should by definition belongs to this forum for streetwalkers.

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15-Jul-04, 08:27 AM (PST)
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4. "RE: SW Posting and Review FAQ"
In response to message.0
   i wud say that sw prices are under $50 wadda u say jack?

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21-Jul-04, 09:48 PM (PST)
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6. "RE: SW Posting and Review FAQ"
In response to message.4
   LAST EDITED ON 21-Jul-04 AT 09:51 PM (PST)
IMHO, it varies depending on where (in SF the Mission typically has lower prices than the TL) and who the girl is. I'd say the SW range is $20-$100 depending on who, where and what (you do), and how long you do it.

Certainly, you should be able to get a BJ for $50 just about anywhere. Less in many cases. In the Mission, $20-40 is typical.

There are always exceptions. I've seen girls go for $7. I've seen guys pay $150 or more.



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10-Jan-08, 08:30 AM (PST)
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22. "RE: SW Posting and Review FAQ"
In response to message.0
   LAST EDITED ON 10-Jan-08 AT 08:32 AM (PST)
Berkeley/Emeryville (SPA),37.827760,-122.278730%3B3855725083966974700,37.861090,-122.289570&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=oakland,ca&daddr=37.80775,-122.272511+to:San+Pablo+Ave+%4037.827760,+-122.278730+to:Dwight+Way+%4037.861090,+-122.289570&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=13&via=1,2&sll=37.829853,-122.265644&sspn=0.087181,0.159645&ie=UTF8&ll=37.837174,-122.261181&spn=0.087172,0.159645&z=13&om=1

Oakland (International),37.752900,-122.176720%3B11217170871037431168,37.784590,-122.237880%3B661911327709232198,37.796430,-122.254600%3B661911327709232198,37.796430,-122.254600%3B12827010332002098304,37.796513,-122.254502%3B6221622803667429207,37.796382,-122.254546%3B661911327709232198,37.796430,-122.254600%3B7622125540232376366,37.796430,-122.254600&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=Int'l+Blvd+%4037.752900,+-122.176720&daddr=Int'l+Blvd+%4037.784590,+-122.237880+to:Int'l+Blvd+%4037.796430,+-122.254600+to:Int'l+Blvd+%4037.796430,+-122.254600+to:4th+Ave+%4037.796513,+-122.254502+to:37.796424,-122.254486+to:Int'l+Blvd+%4037.796430,+-122.254600+to:4th+Ave+%4037.796430,+-122.254600&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=5&sz=14&via=1,2,3,4,5,6&sll=37.781502,-122.226334&sspn=0.043619,0.079823&ie=UTF8&ll=37.781502,-122.224016&spn=0.043619,0.079823&z=14&om=1

San Francisco (Tenderloin):,37.786980,-122.418734%3B13525043137943738647,37.790960,-122.417649%3B15094506135855611114,37.786320,-122.416450%3B5827181926560545462,37.785163,-122.417957&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=37.792372,-122.421083&daddr=Post+St+%4037.786980,+-122.418734+to:California+St+%4037.790960,+-122.417649+to:Hyde+St+%4037.786320,+-122.416450+to:OFarrell+St+%4037.785163,+-122.417957&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=16&via=1,2,3&sll=37.791625,-122.419496&sspn=0.010903,0.019956&ie=UTF8&ll=37.787742,-122.418745&spn=0.010904,0.019956&z=16&om=1

San Francisco (Mission):,37.765110,-122.418600%3B14707507280931380201,37.768447,-122.417316%3B16353675919456668995,37.762461,-122.418327%3B6522068878811392094,37.758840,-122.415770&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=37.764676,-122.41838&daddr=14th+St+%4037.768447,+-122.417316+to:Capp+St+%4037.762461,+-122.418327+to:Shotwell+St+%4037.758840,+-122.415770+to:S+Van+Ness+Ave,+San+Francisco,+CA&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=15&via=1,2,3&sll=37.758366,-122.413359&sspn=0.021816,0.039911&ie=UTF8&ll=37.765592,-122.414989&spn=0.021814,0.039911&z=15&om=1

Santa Rosa:,38.415230,-122.713520&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=colgan+ave&daddr=38.414425,-122.719431&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=15&sll=38.41688,-122.711663&sspn=0.021621,0.039911&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1

San Rafael:,37.964032,-122.506895%3B6425272188126375404,37.963656,-122.501944&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=medway,+san+rafael,+ca&daddr=Belvedere+St+%4037.964032,+-122.506895+to:37.964636,-122.503266&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=2&sz=15&via=1&sll=37.961422,-122.500606&sspn=0.021756,0.039911&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1


Cash is KING.

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29-Jan-08, 10:23 AM (PST)
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23. "RE: SW Posting and Review FAQ"
In response to message.22
   for Fresno here is the information

Parkway stroll area,36.750230,-119.826630%3B10960273651046425958,36.758488,-119.831584%3B949292766050477681,36.757762,-119.826665%3B11054377018004428020,36.761751,-119.826717%3B5404742044239055241,36.764642,-119.829508%3B17086955285421597232,36.751657,-119.815519%3B16467107422002393228,36.750236,-119.826460&saddr=N+Pkwy+Dr+%4036.750230,+-119.826630&daddr=N+Crystal+Ave+%4036.758488,+-119.831584+to:N+West+Avenue+%4036.757762,+-119.826665+to:N+West+Avenue+%4036.761751,+-119.826717+to:N+Golden+State+Blvd+%4036.764642,+-119.829508+to:N+Golden+State+Blvd+%4036.751657,+-119.815519+to:W+Belmont+Ave+%4036.750236,+-119.826460&sll=36.757453,-119.823546&sspn=0.016263,0.018497&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=0

Belmont stroll area,36.750360,-119.812056&saddr=E+Belmont+Ave+%4036.750360,+-119.812056&daddr=36.75049,-119.754517&mra=mi&mrsp=1&sz=17&sll=36.750155,-119.755622&sspn=0.004066,0.004624&ie=UTF8&z=17&om=1
Check the side streets as well.

Blackstone Stroll,36.794011,-119.790459&saddr=N+Blackstone+Ave+%4036.794011,+-119.790459&daddr=36.780074,-119.790502&mra=mi&mrsp=1,0&sz=16&sll=36.778853,-119.789987&sspn=0.008129,0.009248&ie=UTF8&z=16&om=1

Cash is KING.

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13-Mar-08, 11:33 AM (PST)
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24. "Bikers stroll advice for Stockton"
In response to message.0
   LAST EDITED ON 13-Mar-08 AT 11:36 AM (PST)

It's a little outdated but still 90% relevant

OK Guys I am going to post detailed descriptions of the four main cruising area's in Stockton and keep them in case any newbees come along as they have many times before.

Area #1 - Hazelton Area -

This is not a streetwalker area but the biggest Drug dealer hang out there is. Stockton has major plans to clean up the Gleason Park area but for now this is where the dealers hang out. The reason I cruise here is two fold. All the Walkers in Stockton eventually work there way to this area to get drugs. They may get dropped off here and walk back or just walk there but there are always walkers there. Reason number 2 are that a lot of the young girls that would never consider hooking just hang out at the park and smoke crack. The dealers treat them great and they feel special. Once the dealers get them hooked on the crack they eventually demand the prostitute to buy more. This is where the young beautiful ones are and when there first ready fuck then I am there ahead of the johns. Eventually the girls need more and more and start working the other 3 areas. Usually for me I meet the girls before they start prostituting and just kind of stay in touch until there ready.

#1 California street two blocks south of Weber is the cross-town freeway. On California from the cross-town freeway to Hazelton St. Right in the middle on California is Gleason Park. There are always a lot of kid's playing in the center and all the dealers and girls sitting around the outside of the park. Check every block 3 blocks west and 3 blocks south for the entire distance between cross town freeway to Hazelton St. Be careful as this is the heaviest LE patrol area in Stockton and if they see you strolling here they will assume you are trying to buy drugs, Not girls. The park is off limits after dark but the girls can still be found around the area but not in the park. For someone driving in from the bay area looking to score in Stockton this area will likely not provide any useful value unless you get lucky.

Area #2 - Main Street Area -

This is just the heaviest concentration of flophouses in Stockton therefore many prostitutes live here. Rooms are like $12 a night so the girls that have progressed between monthly rent to homeless work enough to get a room here and drugs. The girls are hanging out on the corners of every block. Quality in this area sometime suffers but always worth the short stroll.

#2 if you are coming down Wilson Way South make a right on Weber. 3 or 4 blocks you will cross the RR tracks. Make a left just after the tracks at the auto parts store. Make the next right onto Main St. One way. Look on both sides of Main all the way to California. Make right on California and next right on Weber. Look on the right side of Weber now going east back to the auto parts store where you started.

Area #3 - Adult Book Store Area -

Most of the working girls that still live in houses or apartment's and haven't progressed to the flophouses live around this area. They all seem to walk from around the area to the several blocks behind the adult bookstore. Quality can vary here from terrible to pretty good but usually better than the Main street area.

From Wilson Way going South make a left on Weber as you did in area 2 but after crossing the RR tracks continue on Weber to California and make a right on California. Past Channel St. (Quarter Horse Saloon is on the left) Past the StopLight (Miner I think) and the Adult BookStore Is on the right. Make a right turn on the street past the bookstore. Look for girls on all corners. Make the next left and go all the way to Flora or Park and make a left. Go past California and make the next left. Go all the way to Weber, Make a left and start over. Make sure you check all cross streets for girls. This is kind of a large area. Girls can be found on California and all blocks in all directions from and around the adult bookstore.

Area #4 - Wilson Way Area -

By far the most famous area in Stockton for prostitution therefore the girls know if they go there will be Johns but also the LE knows this and because there are so many business's there they try and control it. It's still worth the stroll because the best quality girls can usually be found in this area as well as the Skanks also. There are two streets to pay attention to here. Wilson Way and Sierra Nevada.

#4 if coming from Sacramento take the Wilson Way Exit off Hiway 99. If coming from the Bay Area take the cross-town freeway to the Wilson Way Exit and go North on Wilson Way.

If coming from Sacramento the area of Wilson Way from Hiway 99 to Bradford Street (About 1 to 2 miles) is pretty dead. This is patrolled by the San Joaquin Sheriff's and they have been keeping it dead. The stroll is on Wilson Way from Bradford to Weber. A little over one mile. When Going South on Wilson Way look to the right and left. One block West of Wilson Way is Sierra Nevada and it runs parallel to Wilson the entire length. Sometime Sierra Nevada is better than Wilson because the girls are less visible to the public and LE. Just make sure you go all the way down Wilson way and all the way up Sierra Nevada.

If coming from the Bay Area take I-5 to the cross town freeway and then the Wilson way exit go North on Wilson way all the way to Bradford. Then Left to Sierra Nevada all the way back to Weber.

NOTE: About 90% of the time when Vice decides to put Decoy's on the street it will be on Wilson Way. It is so fucking easy to spot it's funny but you have to know what to look for. The girl will be on the corner and it will most likely in front of a motel. There will usually be a big U-Haul truck near her that the LE is in as well as the LE being in the motel room. You can pretty much eliminate them instantly by driving by her and making eye contact. Then just pull over and park about 50 yards past her. If she is LE Decoy she cannot walk to your car. If she is Ho she will walk there immediately. In any case don't let your guard down and always follow the precautions. No discussion other than do you need a ride until she is in the car and a few blocks away. The decoys will not just look great but a lot of effort goes into making them look Slutty so it's easy to let the big head get you all fucked up when you spot a decoy.

**** No discussion of any kind other than "Do you need a ride" ... If she does not get in your car at this point make no further discussion with her other than loud and clear " I am Very Sorry but I just thought you needed a ride" Then Book the fuck out of there. Sometime when a ho is new to the street she will be nervous and not just get in. Get the fuck out of there because its not worth trying to find out which ones they are. If you really wanting to try her. Park away from her and watch. If she gets in the car with another John, Follow them (Way Back) and wait until they get done. Then follow them back and when she gets out go ask her for a date. I have done this before and not only did I get a good date but found some good dating locations.

NEXT is the pictures of the area:

Cash is KING.

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