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Subject: "Any action in waikiki hawaii?" Archived thread - Read only
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18-Sep-04, 02:41 AM (PST)
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"Any action in waikiki hawaii?"
   Wasap guys... i'm heading to Oahu in about a week. Would like to know if there's any incall or massage action there. it'll be my first visit to hawaii... let me know if u have anything... appreciate it. thanks.

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20-Sep-04, 00:33 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: Any action in waikiki hawaii?"
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There are street walkers in Waikiki. I have not checked any of them out- They usually want rich Japanese tourists, also I'm afraid of Law Enforcement "sting" operations.

But nearby Waikiki are a number of AMPs. You can find Ala Moana Shopping Center- which is just outside Waikiki in the diretion of the airport. From this big shopping center go toward the mountains on a street named Keeaumoku and you can find Pine Tree Relaxation, and China Spa.. both back away from the street.

Then the best bet (in my recent opinion) would be to go farther west (about 1 . 5 miles) to Ward Ave. Across the street from the big Sports Authority store is a bar named Hibiscus. On either side of the bar you can see stairways lead up to "Rainbow 7" and "Studio" (I think- the named just changed but up the stairs to the second floor are two AMPS). Then around the back of this building on the ground floor is a place called VIP. This is a place with some nice Korean ladies.

Best bet in Honolulu. Get a free newspaper called PENNY SAVER. It is at kiosks at shopping centers like a 7-11 or in front of convenience stores. Look in the back of the Pennysaver newspaper. You will find ads for a lot of AMPS. They are mostly close- like a mile or 3 from Waikiki. Get a taxi and have the taxi take you.

The ones on Ward Ave have been good lately. The two on Keeaumoku are also pretty good.

Here is how it works in Honolulu. Often there is not a "line-up." You walk in and the mamasan wants to get you back to a room and get your money and send in an older woman. You have to hang tough. Make them show you all the girls. Let them know you are a serious customer and willing to spend $ but demand to see all the girls.

Prices: it is $50 to the house. If you get a coupon from Pennysaver it will be 40 or even 30. Then you have to figure 50 for massage and HJ. Up to 150 for full service. If the girl offers a "shower" ALWAYS ACCEPT THE SHOWER. They are afraid of cops and if you don't get naked and clean, they will sometimes send you away with just a back rub.

The body shampoo is pretty cool - not offered in places on the mainland.

And last tip. Bring only 50 for the house and nice 100 dollar bill. Show that to the girl and plead poverty.. "It's all I have.." Lately the girls WILL NOT TALK MONEY UP FRONT. So you may get full service and only 100 tip.

If you have a lot of cash.. you could check out the "HOSTESS BARS." On Kapiolani Blvd. and Sheridan street. These are Korean bars.. They have some good looing ladies, but man you have to be SMART to not get taken. They get you to buy drinks to sit with you. $20 per drink. If you meet a good girl you can buy one drink.. and then when she asks for another make her take you to the Karaoke room in back. Or private booth. You can get anything from HJ to FS. But you have to be pretty smart. The girls in these places will work you. I have had some great times.. but whenever I go in NEVER SHOW A CREDIT CARD!!!!! Buy one drink and make it very clear you are there for release and only willing to spend and only have in wallet another 100 dollars.

Try the AMPS.

Post a report please.

Questions? I'll try to reply.

I wish I was at Nana Plaza

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23-Sep-04, 12:31 PM (PST)
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2. "RE: Any action in waikiki hawaii?"
In response to message #0
   The most gorgeous looking SWs I have ewer seen in my life are working Waikiki. They are almost all like models, blonde, thin, tall and busty and almost none of them are local girls. They fly in from the mainland, stay for a few weeks making big money from Japanese tourists and go home. The Japanese pay top dollar for an attractive blonde. However what they charge the Japanese and what they charge locals is like night and day.

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25-Sep-04, 06:09 PM (PST)
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3. "RE: Any action in waikiki hawaii?"
In response to message #0
   licks, aloha, I live in Maui and go to Oahu once in awhile. My expierence with the SW is they want a lot of money. they start out friendly and get cold as soon as they get your money. the SW try to extort about 500 or more. the AMP's or relaxation studios are the place to go. or check craigslist honolulu and other regular escort sites. lots of luck.

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