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Subject: "Tampa/Orlando" Archived thread - Read only
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26-Feb-05, 11:26 PM (PST)
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   I am sooo tired of being burned by bait & switch agencies when I travel to Florida (I know, I's what I deserve for hobbying beyond the scope of Redbook). Can anyone recommend a quality provider in Tampa or Orlando?

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06-Mar-05, 05:51 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: Tampa/Orlando"
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Sorry to hear of your frustration. I actually went out to a call the other night where my gentleman friend had just been burned on a cash and dash, which is huge in florida.

Girls with agencies will tell you on their sites the 2-3 is just to get them to the door and then its all about the tips.

I have excellent reviews, that date back just a little over a year now. I am in the process of looking for a new website assistant but in the meantime have a gallery for you to consider.

Some of my girlfriends and I also have a group if you would care to join that.

Happy Hobbying.

much love


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11-Mar-05, 09:31 PM (PST)
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2. "RE: Tampa/Orlando"
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   I am a escort near Tampa.Most girls stop using agents, that take half their money. Ads in V2.Sexy Lisa.My picture in my ad is really me.Tall,slender, long legs, blond.What I hate is guys that make appointments and then never show up.So always show up and be on time, gentlemen.

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16-Mar-05, 10:24 AM (PST)
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3. " and"
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   It's been awhile since I've posted. I used to live in the Bay Area and moved to the Tampa area a few years ago. I can across this poster's experience on another board here in Florida. While I don't know him personally, he is well respected on the board. Take from it what you will as we all know YMMV. I wasn't going to post it at all until I saw this thread. Good hunting everyone!


Dear Orlando-Tampa escort service customers:

I had a ridiculous psycho-crappy experience with last Saturday night. and are sister sites, run out of Tampa. It cost me $100 and a half-hour of intense stress and irritation.

I was in Orlando over the weekend for business meetings. I felt like treating myself to some female company. I am a diabetic. I am overweight. I am usually impotent. I am very self-conscious around women. Once or twice a year I hire a pretty, petite brunette escort for conversation, massage, and snuggling.

I found "Mandy" on, and The photos showed a petite, brunette cutie. Blondes don't attract me. Before my flight to Orlando, I called The gentleman said that Mandy was available for a date at 10pm Saturday night. The posted rate is $600 for 3 hours. There is nothing on the site about cancellation fees. I made the date. I printed Mandy's color photo sheet from the website and brought it with me.

There was a knock on my hotel room door at 10:15 Saturday night. Through the viewport I saw a homely blonde. Not good. I let her in. She reeked of cigarettes. She was certainly not the girl in the photo, not even close! I showed her the photo. She said that she was Mandy and that she had dyed her hair blonde. Yeah, right, and grew it out ten inches, and added a pot belly while she was at it! Give me a break.

It took me about 10 seconds to decide that I did not want to spend $600 for 3 hours with this lumpy blonde. Knowing that she'd been driven up from Tampa, I told her that she didn't do it for me, I'd give her $100 for her trouble, and bye-bye. She called her service. Yak, yak, yak. Oh, the "cancellation fee" is now $150. I said no, $100 is more than generous for being lied to, now please leave. She took the money and left. She was in my room for five minutes total. Never took her coat off. Thank God.

Thirty seconds later she's pounding on my door. She yells through the door that if I don't give her the $600, she'll start yelling that I raped her and beat her. I said OK, fine, bitch, since you don't have a scratch on you and your makeup and hair aren't mussed, you should go bang your head on a fire hydrant a few times before you call the cops. Now get lost!!

So she starts pounding on the door of the room across the hall. The door opens and the psycho-escort scammer tells the lady in the room that I raped and beat her. The psycho-scammer leaves for the lobby. I called the front desk. I told the desk dude story, that I called an escort service and they sent me a psycho bitch scammer. My mistake, please send up security. Oops, no security until 1100pm. Great!

A couple minutes later my cell phone is ringing. It's the owner of the service, berating me for beating and raping her employee. Really! It's not even 10:30pm yet! She tells me that she'll make trouble with my "people back home", etc, etc. I tell her there's no one to make trouble with, and what goes around comes around. Don't eff with me! I hang up, she calls back, I hang up, then I turn off my phone. Lovely.

A couple minutes later my room phone rings. I guess that it's the psycho's driver, but he says he's a deputy sheriff. He says he's in the lobby with "the complainant" and he wants me to come down to the lobby to "get my side of the story". I tell him to get lost, cops don't phone you! They come to the room! Then I call the front desk and tell the desk dude to stop all calls. Desk dude says there's no deputy sheriff in the lobby, but the real cops are on the way. This is getting better and better.

Fifteen minutes later, two Orange County deputies and the hotel manager knock on my door. They are all suprisingly calm and sympathetic. I tell the truth. I give them the photo from the website. They already interviewed the psycho-scammer in the parking lot. They confirmed that no official deputy sheriff had called my room. One of the cops was shocked that I gave the girl $100 to leave, he said that I should have just kicked her lumpy ass into the hall. I said that putting my hands on her would have been the wrong move. He said that the Orlando sheriffs have seen this kind of scam from before. He asked me if I wanted a report made of the incident, but I declined. The cops said good night, and have a better tomorrow. The hotel manager didn't evict me.

So, gentlemen, if you're looking for some company, avoid and/or Maybe this is an anomaly, maybe it's their standard scam. From the hysterical calls I got from the owner, I suspect it's their standard scam.

Thank you for your time.


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