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XoXoLayla_LoveXoXo XoXoLayla_LoveXoXo rating
Member since 24-Nov-09
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22-Mar-11, 11:41 PM (PST)
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"East Coast?"
   I was planning a trip to the east coast next month maybe... Is there any other sites other than eros and cityvibe that I should know about? please inbox me with any other sites or information thanks xoxox

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Swedish_Hottie Swedish_Hottie rating
Member since 17-Jun-10
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25-Mar-11, 10:27 AM (PST)
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1. "RE: East Coast?"
In response to message #0
Hey Doll:)
I recently just went over there. And i must say......we make just as much in California.... but with out all the blah blah. lol
After paying for the expensive ticket there and back hotel prices are outrageous and you end up spending more than saving it and making it.
I duno.....cali's the best:)

Holly Richardson

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onedogonebonemoderator onedogonebone rating
Member since 2-Aug-08
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27-Mar-11, 05:35 AM (PST)
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2. "RE: East Coast?"
In response to message #0
Hi Layla,

When you say "East Coast" what do you actually mean? EC covers Maine to Florida with 13 states in between. Even that breaks down to about 4 dif regions...

You can see by my signature that I am from back east, have been hobbying for some 30+ years, predominantly NY, but also spent years in the south, NC to be specific, but have traveled extensively up and down the whole coast on bike, truck, AmTrak and flight.

What Swedish_Hottie said above is true about lodging, but that is mostly in NYC and DC. Other metro areas along the coast can be had inexpensively lodging wise if you research ahead of time.

A quick tip on that...Go to the site i4******.com The "***" is whatever city you are going to visit, (such as i4vegas, i4san francisco, i4philidelphia, i4atlanta, etc) it will list hotel rates for dates of your travel @ discounts better than priceline and its ilk.

Another tip for business...The further south you go, try to hit cities with Military bases, google eastcoast military bases to find the metro areas surrounding them! Not always easy, like FT Bragg, NC is outside Fayetteville, but business wise it is a pretty dead town, so go to Raleigh, NC instead.

Again, don't know what you mean by East Coast, so here is a site I still belong to back there, although I am a RB LV Mod, Hit their forums section, it is broken down into East Coast regions. You should be able to work it from there! Oh, and on that site use your BEST lingerie Photos and face pics - there IS a reason! Lol

Good luck in your travels, and please remain safe!!!

If you plan a future trip to LV, give us a heads up.

Inbox if you seek more info...

Long Island 2 Las Vegas

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Member since 27-Sep-08
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16-Apr-11, 10:47 AM (PST)
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3. "RE: East Coast?"
In response to message #2
   Let us know how your trip to Eastcoast when you get back to California.

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